So here is one of the tips I have learned that has been passed down in my  family. When you want to cook the meatballs in the Sunday Sauce, you don’t really have to spend any extra time to precook them at all. Sometimes some of us want to pre cook our meatballs just because we think we Have to, well we really don’t have to!

My relatives all do the very same thing. All you have to do is make your favorite Sunday Sauce recipe, and add the freshly made raw meatballs that you have also mixed up as per your favorite recipe right to your boiling hot already simmering sauce. Remember to add them in very gently so as not to break them apart. Stir the sauce gently after awhile so the meatballs get mixed around and cooked evenly.

Doing it this way will make the sauce especially tasty, because as the meatballs cook, the flavors of the meatballs cooking will add to your sauce. What a great sauce and meatball combination you will have to enjoy!

Granted, this is not about saving money, but it’s about saving time, and in the long run, saving time these days IS just like saving money!!!! 2013-04-18_14-19-38_898

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