Purex Crystals & a Chance to WIN $1000

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crystal-groupshot I discovered the best laundry softener ever recently. I just love the Purex Crystals. I use them with every wash, and have been delighted ever since I found them.

Purex Crystals are so easy to use, you just throw them on top the the laundry inside the washing machine and use your regular cycles that you normally do.  The crystals do the work throughout the washing and rinse cycles.

The scents are amazing too! The clothes come out smelling so fresh and clean. I normally use a clothesline and hang my wash outdoors in good weather, and this way just brings the scents out so much more. Purex Crystals are safe for your traditional washers and High Efficiency washers as well.

I love using Purex Crystals with all of my laundry, especially my bed sheets and blankets. Going to bed at night you get in and smell the amazing smells of the Purex Crystals sending you off to sleep, sweet dreams!

Now, you can have a chance to win $1000 or a chance to win one of 250 prizes of FREE Purex Crystals for Baby.

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