Purex Crystals ~ Love the Idea !

So while I am trying to save money, I try to always come up with many different solutions. Since one of my single most favorite products out there are the fantastic smelling Purex Laundry Crystals, I try every way possible to use them besides in my laundry room!

This time I have been using them in my fragrance warmer. I use the taller versions, because I don’t want the crystals too close to the heat, fearing they may burn. You never know.

Another option if you don’t want the burning flame is to use a warmer with a bulb, or use a coffee cup warmer with a heat safe container with the crystals.

I have used the same crystals for weeks on end without having to change them! This saves some money since sometimes the waxes seem to burn out the fragrances much faster, and the oils also seem to evaporate pretty quickly on me.

I really enjoy the fragrance floating throughout my home, and I think you will too. Try it out, and let me know what  you think!

Of course, as with anything, some people may have allergies, reactions, etc, these things sometimes happen with anything new introduced in the air..so just cease using it if it is a problem!

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Here are some pictures!2DSCF7199

2DSCF7197 2DSCF7180

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