Purex Crystals ~~ Love them Ideas!

300 Here I go again!

So I already covered the great idea I had with the Purex Crystals as drawer sachets, (read about them in my previous blog post!) but I just kept going.  I love the scents so much that I put them wherever I wanted to! Here are a couple of photos of the places I recently decided to use them.


When changing seasons, I was putting my summer clothing into the bins to be put away, and I figured that it would be a great idea if I just folded them up nice and put the sachets I made up inside the bin. This way when I took them out for the summer season, voila! All nice and fresh and ready to wear! Love love love it!! luggage3   luggage2 Also, I had the idea as well to keep my luggage fresh and smelling pretty too! Just add your sachet inside and zip them up. Open it when you’re ready to go and you will get the greatest smell when you do 🙂 You can put these sachets just about anywhere you want to, under your bed, in your closets, in the laundry room, in your cabin, camper, any place that you want that extra special smell and freshness where you feel need it! Save 10% On Funny Birthday eCards from JibJab.com!

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