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hukk tag So I came across this great and unique style of shopping and MONEY SAVING website. I was reading our local News online, as I am a computer junkie of course… and I came across an article about this great site that had been out there that I hadn’t yet heard about. I was immediately fascinated and joined Pop-up right in! It had been created about a year or so ago by a couple of fashion loving merchandisers, Erica Bell and Katie Finnegan who had become friends, who had even been fortunate enough to be written about in Forbes magazine. That’s how fantastic it is.

The site is “” and it is a fantastic new experience that is shopping in a way that we haven’t really seen quite yet until now.

So… this is how it works:

You have to load your bookmarklet first….. go to, sign up and Get the Button.

The site works with literally hundreds of online retailers that we shop with everyday like Target, Amazon, J.Crew, and Gap (see the full list here:

Basically all you have to do is shop online, grab the item you want to purchase, and use your Hukkster Bookmarklet in your toolbar. When that item goes on sale, you will be notified via email alert or even text message alerts and then you will get the best deal possible! The average savings with an item purchased from Hukkster is $44 or around 30% !!


Here’s a Glimpse of the site 🙂



Hukkster is a bookmarklet that lives in your browser so you can shop online at your favorite stores like you normally would, or you can use our app to hukk on the go. You won’t miss those sales or coupons because Hukkster tracks them for you!

What do we think of this great idea?? I Just Love it!!!!!! Try it for yourself and see.

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