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Groupon Run Free Race

Run Free Fake Marathon Groupon Run Free Race

$20 for Run Free Fake-Marathon Registration and Gear ($40 Value)

Pics or it didn’t happen!!!

Click me for the deal

Be a part of this experiment all done online.

Ever want to run one of those awesome Marathons? Why not do this Run Free Race????

With this deal you can be part of a project  having everyone into thinking you actually ran a Marathon!

A lot of work is going into this experiment, so it will make people talk about it for a very long time 😉 Be a part of it for only $20 with this Groupon Deal.

How many photograph can you post about running this marathon? Have your friends and family, and maybe the world believing that you did all the work, ran the race and finished all for only $20!! It’s going to be worth it I can assure you. You will get everything you need to make this all happen.

Your running friends will be so excited if you are getting them involved.

You can also get one of your friends or a family member involved as well. Purchase a second deal and take photos of the two of you in the marathon. How much fun is this going to be??? I am going to do it!!!!!

More details at Groupon

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