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$1.00 off Hefty Waste Bags Expires 05/30/2013

Grocery Coupon Printable – $1.00 off Hefty Waste Bags

Printable until: 05/30/2013

Redeem coupon in-store by 6/30/2013

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We go through tons of waste bags in my house. We count on Hefty Waste Bags to handle the stink that collects when we throw things away. Everyone throws out raw foods, eggs, raw chicken… Ewwwww that stinks the most!! Leaving it in the trash can accelerates the smelliness..

Hefty has the Unscented Odor Block technology to help neutralize the odors in the can and not spread them out into the room. Trust Hefty as I do, and you will never worry again about how your house smells.

I like the fact that they come with the Cinch Sak, which is easy to lift out of the can and tie up to be safe to carry out. Get $1.00 oFF Savings with this coupon. Take advantage of this offer and be sure to be odor free.

$1.00 off any (2) TWO Dial for Men Body Wash Expires 03/02/2013

Dial for Men Body Wash is a product I pick up often in my house. With a husband and three boys they use this stuff a lot 😉 They enjoy using it, it makes it so easy to use in the shower, and I (they?) enjoy the scent that it leaves behind  on them.

Gotta admit, men get stinky !! They use this every day in the shower and they never complain about the dryness that the old soap bars they were using. And I never complain about them smelling!!! There’s plenty of different scents to choose from too.

Soo, I am really appreciating this particular coupon, I am going to stock up on Dial for men Body Wash so we are always ready and we never run out!!

Grocery Coupon Printable – $1.00 off any (2) TWO Dial for Men Body Wash

Printable until: 03/02/2013

Redeem coupon in-store by 3/3/2013

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